White wine

White wine associated with something special, sophisticated, aristocratic. The French say, and they really know that there is no better a way to quench your thirst than sip a glass of dry white wine. It is about this divine drink that will be discussed in our article.

White wine production

There is a misconception that White wine is certainly made from white grape varieties. This is not entirely true the main for its production can serve as red and pink grapes. The main thing is to remove the peel from the berries, which contains the bulk of the coloring substances. The pulp is almost colorless.

Production feature white wine, compared with red, is the fastest pressing grapes. The rush is due to the need to reduce the contact time of the wort with peel.

Fermentation takes place at exact observance of the temperature regime, and the wort is cooled several times. For in order for the yeast to multiply successfully, the temperature is maintained at twenty degrees.

What to drink white wine with

White wine blends perfectly with seafood, delicious delicate cheeses, poultry. Often him used as an aperitif. Some meat dishes as a must ingredient are composed of white wine.

What kind of food is best combined with White wine.

Serve it chilled to temperatures of eight to twelve degrees, in elongated glasses, not filled more than half.

Glasses for white wine.

Interestingly, white wines with darken with time.

Varieties of white wines

  • Sauvignon Blanc;
  • Chardonnay;
  • Muscat;
  • Pinot Blanc;
  • Marsan;
  • Shennen Blanc;
  • Furmint;
  • Pinot Gris.

Usually in international classification, white wine is denoted by the term "blanc".