Non-alcoholic wine

Fashion does not non alcoholic wine came relatively recently, although for the first time A patent for its production was obtained a hundred years ago. Dr. Carl Jung, to which the invention belongs, failed to extract special benefits from it, which, however, is not surprising, given the habits and realities of that time.

How did non-alcoholic appear wine

In the second half of the twentieth centuries, when the fashion for a healthy lifestyle began to appear, it turned out that non-alcoholic wine still has a lot of fans, who sought to completely eliminate alcohol from their diet, however, they were not ready to finally give up wine. And although a glass of good dry red wine few people can do badly, demand gave birth to supply, and large manufacturers gradually began to market products.

Non-alcoholic production fault

Notably that big part of the technological processes did not undergo any changes, which ensured preservation in a drink of all beneficial substances - antioxidants, tannin, anticyanidins.

The only difference is that at the last stage of production alcohol is removed from the wine. Completely it is impossible to get rid of it, but its level in the final product is negligible small, and is at the level of 0.5%. It is quite comparable with kvass, cider and even kefir. In this case, the taste of non-alcoholic wine is obtained practically indistinguishable from ordinary.

The only barrier that stands between ordinary people and wine producers without alcohol - rather high cost. Nevertheless, taking into account the fact that the main audience is young men aged 25 to 45 years, that is, one of the most solvent groups, several large wineries French factories began to produce non-alcoholic wine in significant quantities.