Wine glasses

Wine glasses - the most important and the main accessory. If wine has a soul, then without a glass you will never to know her. Properly selected glasses for wine will allow you to catch the finest shades of taste, evaluate color and transparency and, in the end, get the aesthetic pleasure of using a beautiful and elegant thing. Professional tasters and collectors often have a set of dozens of glasses for wine, but for ordinary wine lovers such a variety is redundant. As a rule, it is enough to have one, two types of glasses for red and white wine, and one for champagne.

Glass of wine and its connection with the language of a person

As you know, the shape of a wine glass depends on the type of wine. But few people know what is the relationship between them. It’s all about our language, which is a set of taste buds: we feel the sweetness with the tip tongue, bitterness - its back, the maximum acidity can be felt by the sides of the tongue, but the salty taste is felt everywhere the same.

That is why it is very important how which zone of the language or other substance. And it is the shape of the glass, its edge, thickness and other facts determine which point the wine will contact in the first place, which in turn will determine the perception of wine as a whole. So Thus, a correctly selected glass will emphasize the taste and aroma of wine, and wrong - on the contrary will kill him. Of course, the taste of wine will remain low, only his perception will change.

For example, for sour wine, Riesling needs to pick up a glass with narrowed edge, then the wine will not fall on the side areas that will react acid very much and will be delivered directly to the mouth. A glass for chardonnay on the contrary, it must deliver the drink to the lateral zones in order to reveal acid, not weaken it. Therefore, for chardonnay, you need to choose glasses with a wide by the edge.

Red Wine Glasses

Red wine glasses are different a large bowl tapering to the top, which helps to feel the whole aroma of the wine.

Bordeaux Wine Glasses

Surely this type of glasses for there is fault in your house, at least it should be. They drink wine from it Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, i.e. one of the most popular.

A glass of Bordeaux is distinguished by a large bowl, which is necessary in order so that saturated wine can fully open.

Burgundy Wine Glasses

A glass of this type can compare with cognac, only on a long thin leg.

This form is not random, since its main purpose is to let the wines with thin volatile flirt aroma. First, the bouquet opens in a wide bowl, and then concentrates in upper tapering part.

Varieties of wine: Pinot Noir, red Burgundy, Barbera, Barolo.

White Wine Glasses

White wine glasses have smaller volume, as white varieties are usually served chilled (usually up to 340 ml).

Chardonnay Wine Glasses

In principle, this glass may well be enough for most varieties of white wine. His form is resembles a Bordeaux glass - a wide bowl, slightly tapering up.

Sour Wine Glasses

Some varieties of white wines High acidity (such as Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chenes Blanc). For them, the best option is a tall narrow glass for wine. Thanks to this form, the wine first enters the tongue area where it is located a large number of emollient receptors, and only then it turns into “acidic” zone.

Champagne glasses

Currently for Champagne and sparkling wines use elongated glasses, although there are also conical, cylindrical, creamy and pear-shaped. Their capacity does not exceed 200 ml, often in the range of 125-150 ml. At When choosing glasses for champagne, it is customary to pay attention to a small deepening at the bottom of the bowl. If it is, then the trickles of bubbles will be thin and sustainable.