Chilean wines

Chilean winesthanks affordable price and consistently high quality, more and more actively make up competition for Spanish, Italian and Portuguese wines, while offering unusual taste and aroma. In brief, we consider the features of winemaking in Chile and how unique and inimitable are the wines brought from the New World.

Winemaking in Chile

Winemaking in Chile Started actively develop relatively recently, in the nineteenth century, although the first Spanish colonialists planted vineyards. Chilean wines on the world market finally entrenched about twenty years ago.

Natural conditions in Chile really unique - the country is very elongated, which is why on its territory Almost all climatic zones are represented. Local winemakers constantly exploring remote regions, in search of new wine regions, gradually expanding the boundaries within which you can grow grapes.

The main grape varieties are Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Cabernet, there are also several local varieties, for example, carmener. Certain popularity among Chilean winemakers Unusual varieties of Riesling and Carignan are also used.

Features of Chilean wines

Chilean wines are characteristic pronounced fruity aroma, sometimes with an exotic taste, although recently time there are more and more vineyards from which you can make wine, with a delicate bouquet.

Chilean wine comparable in price with inexpensive European table wine, almost always has on the label information about the grape variety and the area in which it was grown. Actually, this means that wines from Chile, even the most affordable price range, is personified.