Price of wine

Price of wine, unlike, for example, cognac or whiskey, is much more democratic. And the wine is simpler in terms of pricing, an alcoholic drink. Undoubtedly, the best varieties are really worth a lot, however, often the high cost is due to the brand, favor wealthy buyers, or effective advertising. At the same time, according to Stephen Tanzer, one of the most respected wine community critics in the world there are enough first-class wines worth $ 15-20. The main reason is extremely fierce competition, from which, ultimately, consumers win.

The price of wine in Ukraine

Imported wines

The price of wine in Ukraine varies significantly. Traditionally, the bulk of wine sales in Ukraine accounted for by inexpensive local varieties, however in the last few years there is a trend towards a gradual increase in the share of imported wines in the basket consumer. Many large retail chains began to engage in their own import, which is why a huge amount appeared on the shelves of supermarkets foreign wines, starting at three dollars per bottle. Unusual names new labels, exotic origin (New Zealand, Chile, South Africa) and very attractive price made imported wines extremely popular. For example, Chilean wine Casillier del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon costs an average of 5 dollars, and there are still about twenty items with the same price tag. The cost of French wine starts at $ 6 (for example, Chanet Cabernet Syrah), which is also very, very inexpensive. About the same are the most affordable wines from Italy (Bella Vita Rosso) and Spain (Valvieja Viura). However, you need to understand that inexpensive wine, brought from afar, in the country of origin is generally a penny, and rely on first-class quality is not necessary. In some cases, cheap foreign varieties have little to do with good wine. Simply put - what is the price for wine, such and wine.

Imported wines from Moldova and Georgia

The price of wine from Moldova and Georgia ranges from 3 to 15 dollars. Cheap wines from Moldova (from $ 3 to $ 6) can hardly be considered a worthy choice for purchases. In principle, the same applies to cheap Georgian wines, which, note more expensive (from $ 8 per bottle). However, for 10-12 dollars good Telavi Kindzmarauli, Shumi Mukuzani or Moldovan Cricova are for sale Collector Cabernet.

Ukrainian wines

The situation with Ukrainian wines rather sad, the price of wine here is quite “ridiculous”. One side, minimum prices (from $ 2) make them extremely affordable. With another, many local factories managed to discredit themselves with the production of powder fake wines. In addition, a significant amount is present in the market. fakes. All this, as well as the difficult economic situation plus cheap import led to the fact that in 2012 Ukrainian manufacturers produced 26.6% less production than a year earlier.

Instead of a conclusion

Note that, according to some experts, imported quality wine costs at least $ 12 per bottle. Anything cheaper is not very different from Ukrainian wines. However, among all the variety of varieties, everyone can find what is to their liking. In the end in Ukraine, and real elite wineworth over 1000 dollars.