For wine

It would seem that not so much required for wine - a glass and a corkscrew. But this set is enough only in the simplest case, or for the unassuming person. And if you need to offer wine to guests? And if you Do you want to collect at home a small collection of your favorite bottles? And if for the evening an appointment is made, and you need to serve something to the wine besides beautiful speeches? AND if…

Fortunately for all of these, and some other questions there are quite definite answers and for wine there is amazing accessories. Of course, wine can be drunk from anything and whatever, but agree, chilled to the desired temperature, poured from the decanter into elegant red dry glass, with a snack of several varieties of cheese, makes a completely different impression.

Wine glasses

If you like wine, on your the kitchen just has to have glasses for wine. Thanks to them, the drink is revealed most fully, bestowing a taster with all the notes of the bouquet.

Important to be able choose the right glass for each type of wine, the only way you can feel this noble drink.

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Corkscrew for wine

Corkscrew for wine no less more important than a glass. Without a good corkscrew, the chances of opening a bottle of wine are slim. Its more advanced version, called the sommelier knife, will give the procedure uncorking a certain solemnity. In general, corkscrews for wine are the most different shapes and sizes, and although the classic version has not changed with seventeenth century, their range is quite wide.

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Wine stand

Without a good stand for wine create a home collection of wine is unlikely to succeed. At least look she will not be so spectacular. Fortunately, now they are sold a lot quantity, at an affordable price. As a rule, material for stands for the wine is wood and metal, rattan options are somewhat less common, straw and textile. In any case, choose the option that is ideal for mini bar, not difficult. In special cases, you can order production stands for individual requirements.

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Wine decanter

Wine decanter one of most important accessories.

Wine must breathe. It is the saturation of wine with oxygen, in addition to a purely aesthetic function, is the main purpose decanters.

In addition, wine decanters, being completely transparent, allow notice the precipitate before the wine is poured into the glass.

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Breakfast under wine

Not every food is equally good. goes well with wine. Wine can completely destroy all the efforts of the cook, however, in the same way, a complex dish evens out a delicate bouquet of a drink. Choosing wine for dinner, you need to consider this moment and try to choose the right variety.

What to serve and drink wine with?