Where to buy wine

Along with which is better buy wine, how to choose the right wine and distinguish quality from cheap or fake another another equally important question arises - Where to buy wine? The first thing that comes in head - a huge variety of bottles, flowers and labels, long endless Supermarket shelves are packed with a wide variety of wines. Wine selection really painful.

But experience shows that not it is important where you get wine, whether it's a large supermarket, a small wine boutique, online store or a network of specialized wine stores - it the same everywhere. With equal success, you can buy good real wine in any supermarket or low-quality "powder" fake in expensive wine boutique. Therefore, we will leave a solution to the question of where to buy wine at personal discretion of each, and we will focus on how to properly to buy wine and how among all the splendor and variety of wine to find exactly that one cherished bottle of red or white.

How to buy wine in a store

Buying wine at the store often becomes a problem, especially if you are only approximately Imagine what exactly you want to receive. Usually an inexperienced amateur wine is limited to concepts like “dry red” or “semi-sweet white,” not thinking about some much more important points. We will talk about them.

The container in which the wine is located in the shop

Be sure to pay attention on the container in which the wine is located. Cardboard bag and plastic bottle almost unambiguously point to a low-grade product, which is hardly possible considered real wine. Cork in a bottle can be made of either wood or from plastic. In the first case, make sure that the cork is not dry, destroyed and not leaking. According to statistics, 20% of wine deteriorates precisely because of cork from a tree, which does not always faithfully perform its functions. Plastic cork is incomparably more reliable, however, many eminent manufacturers do not use her.

Wine production place

Highly desirable especially this applies to domestic wines so that both vineyards and production facilities were in one area. It serves even a small, but a guarantee that the wine will not be made from imported cheap wine spirits. Typically, the location information is on the label.

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Wine composition

Also pay attention to structure. Even inexpensive table wines (from normal producers) are made from grapes of one or several varieties, each of which is mandatory indicated (merlot, cabernet and so on). If on the label there is no specifics, then almost certainly some residues were used in the production, and there can be no talk of any bouquet.

Cost of wine

The price of wine is not the determining factor when buying wine, however, with a certain reservation. Even the most affordable Portuguese, Spanish, or Chilean wines in no less than two to three times more expensive than similar local ones. French wines are much more expensive. You need to understand that frankly low price is either a sign counterfeit, or low-grade product. Wine indicating the date of harvest, from a certain geographical area, having a brand, simply can not be affordable.

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Sediment is not always good

It is believed that the precipitate is a sign of good natural wine. In our realities, this may mean rather, either the production technology was not sustained, or some violations during transportation (for example, the wine is frozen) or storage (direct Sun rays). Although, of course, old red wine may well have sediment and, at the same time, preserve the whole bouquet and taste.

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