Georgian wines

Glory to Georgian wines came back in the days of the Soviet Union, when bottles with the words "Kindzmarauli" or "Saperavi" lined up long queues. To the honor of the Georgians, after the collapse of the USSR, they quickly led wine production in accordance with strict European standards and is currently offer an even better product.

Features of the production of Georgian the fault

There is a huge the number of private farms with vineyards. Their owners, collecting harvest, sell it to large producers, which are then processed raw materials and bottled the resulting wine in bottles. Moreover, practically in Each small farm has its own recipes and technologies. the manufacture of Tsinandali, Gurjaani, Akhasheni and many other wines. Homemade wine in Georgia is no less popular than branded wine and, as a rule, can give a head start on the quality and originality of the bouquet.

A bit of history

The wine culture in the country is not just calculated over the centuries - there are a number of indigenous grape varieties, grown in Georgia. In addition to numerous archaeological finds, among which ancient stone presses, presses, vessels of clay and metal, interest causes the attitude of Georgians to wine production. Back in the ninth to tenth centuries in The Academy of Education, organized in the city of Ikalto, created a special winemaking faculty.

Wine Production Center in Georgia remains Kakheti, with its unique Alozan valley. Here grapes grow "Rkatsiteli" (red horn) and "Saperavi" (dye).

In Kakheti, there is one a special way of producing wine. For fermentation, unusual conical vessels with a capacity of 500 decalitres. They dig into the ground like that so that the throat remains at floor level. Such an unusual shape provides stable temperature equal to 14 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for storage.

Currently in Georgia actively cultivated some varieties abandoned during the Soviet Union grapes such as “tsitsko” and “mtsvane”, from which it will be possible to create in the future almost forgotten by modern generations of wine. Work is underway with popular "sapper" and "rakatsiteli".

Popular Georgian wines

  • "Alazani Valley" - semi-sweet red wine, It is made from saperavi, ojapeshi, and alexandreuli varieties.
  • "Ahasheni" - semisweet red wine, made from the Saperavi grape variety.
  • “Kindzmarauli” - semisweet red wine, made from saperavi.
  • "Kakheti" - dry white wine, made from grape varieties “Mtsvane” and “Rkatsiteli”.
  • “Napareuli” - dry red wine made from Saperavi grape varieties.
  • Tbilisuri is a semi-dry white wine made from varieties "mtsvani" and "rakatsiteli".
  • Khvanchkara - the basis for this semi-sweet the wine is served with grapes of the “Mujuretuli” and “Alexandruli” grades.

Each wine has its own unique taste and bouquet that will not let it be confused with any other, even made from the same grape variety.