Spanish wines

Spanish wines widely known outside the country. Possessing remarkable geographical position, Spain has been famous for centuries vineyards located in forty wine regions.

In terms of wine production, most of which goes for export, the country is in third place in the world.

Most famous spanish wine is considered Rioja, bottled in the northern region of the same name. No less famous is the sherry, as well as "Spanish champagne" Cava.

Features of Spanish Wines

Spanish wines are characterized fairly long aging in oak barrels and bottles. Exist even a special classification. So, red wine aged 12 months in barrel, and then 12 months in a bottle called crianza. Reserva aged 48 months, of which 12 in a barrel, gran reserva is stored in a barrel for two years, and the total exposure time is 60 months.

White wines aged slightly less, respectively 12 months, 24 months and 48 months, while in they spend at least six months in a barrel.

New Spanish classification wines

After spain joined the European Union, the legislation was finalized in the country, taking into account the norms and rules of a united Europe. A new classification of wines has appeared, depending on raw materials used.

Vino de Mesa (VdM) Category Varieties made from grapes harvested from unclassified grapes vineyards. These are the so-called "table wines."

Category Vino de la Tierra (VdlT) is given to wines made according to some specific norms large winemaker.

Category Denominacion de Origen (DO) is awarded to strict varieties of wine compliance with local standards in certain areas (which in Spain currently 62).