Italian wines

Italian wines - the most common in the world. Italy rightfully considered one of the largest wine producers in Europe, along with Spain and France. Almost the entire territory of the country is suitable for cultivation grapes, due to the geographical position of Spain and the suitable climate.

Wine culture, according According to recent studies, has 3,000 years, so local experience Masters do not borrow. Italian wines are known far beyond the borders of the country.

The most famous Italian the fault

Along with common Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Riesling, in Italy there are many local grape varieties such as barbera, nebbiolo, sangiovese, lambrusco, cortese.

Classic italian dry red wines “Brunello di Montalcino Le Machoke” and “Chianti. Giacomo Mori. " Of dry white wines, Vernaccia di San is most often mentioned Gimignano. " And, of course, one of the symbols of Italian winemaking is white sparkling wines "Asti".

Italian wine classification

Italy adopted its own wine classification, which nevertheless fully meets the requirements The European Union. All wines are divided into 4 categories.

Vino da tavola - this includes all inexpensive table wines.

Indicazione Geografica Tipica - a category created for relatively inexpensive wines that were created in within certain geographic areas.

Indicazione Geografica Tipica - in this category are more expensive varieties with controlled content by

Denominazione di origigine Controllata e Garantita - the most prestigious category, which includes wines not only a controlled, but also guaranteed name of origin.