How to distinguish good from bad wine

With all the variety of wine, available to ordinary consumers, choose from dozens, if not hundreds items, a noteworthy quality alcohol bottle in our case of good wine is far from easy. It’s all the more annoying when bought for on the occasion of an important event or celebration, the wine is in fact diluted powder juice from an unnamed grape variety.

Indirect Signs of Bad the fault

Avoid shopping poor-quality or fake wine, unfortunately, is not so simple. Layman is unlikely to be able to uniquely determine by the color of the drink in the bottle alone how good this wine is. Indirect signs include low price, especially, in comparison with analogues, cardboard packaging, lack excise stamps, errors in the label. Quite often, manufacturers spill low-grade wine in fancy-shaped bottles, sometimes opaque, which makes buyers forget about caution and still purchase this product.

However, all of these signs are beyond except, perhaps, errors on the label, are unlikely to be able to completely indicate for bad wine. Of the obvious reasons visible to the naked eye not to buy a bottle with wine, only sediment can be noted. Modern technologies by which good wine is made, practically do not allow its appearance, therefore if you sharply turned the bottles upside down and saw a lot in the lumen Muti, better put it back on the shelf.

How to make sure of quality the fault? Good wine test

And yet, even if you bought a bottle of standard shape with an intact cork made of wood or plastics, without sediment, finally You can only be sure of its quality when you bring the wine home and spend some simple tests with him, they will help determine the good wine you bought or not.

Water test - good wine is not mixes up

Pour a small amount wine into a vial, plug it with your finger, turn it over and lower it into a vessel with liquid and release your finger. If there is no impurity in the wine, it will not mix with water, otherwise mixing will happen quickly enough. By this The way to distinguish good wine is very simple.

Glycerin test

GlycerolPour into a glass a hundred milliliters of wine and add twenty milliliters of glycerin there. In case of a non-natural product, glycerin will turn purple, red or yellow shade. In quality wine, glycerin does not change its color.

Foam test

Shake the bottle and pour wine in a glass. If the wine is good, then the foam will be mainly in the center of the glass and quickly disappear. In the fake foam remains for a long time, concentrating around the edges of the glass.

Taste of alcohol

Good wine will never be taste and smell of alcohol.

About the benefits of tasting

And finally, we note that even if you bought a bottle of wine in a good, trusted store, never serve it closed. Take out the cork beforehand, smell it, smell the drink itself, you can even take a sip, and only then Offer wine to your guests. So you will never get into an awkward situation.