How to drink wine

Of course, you can drink wine and from an ordinary faceted glass, and even from the neck of a bottle, having a bite so that is at hand if it meets the spirit of the place, company, time. However for certain rules have long been created for this noble drink uses that serve not so much to complicate the process as help the wine open up completely. let's consider how to drink wine right.

Wine glasses

First thing that comes to mind to the question "How to drink wine?" it: the right glasses for wine. Dry and red wine made to drink from tall glasses made of colorless glass. For semisweet varieties are best suited for wide wine glasses that are like usually do not have additional decoration.

Wine glasses are intended for champagne and dry wine. Fortified wines are poured into glasses narrowed to the top, dessert and liquor - in conical shaped glasses.

Port is poured into glasses the upper part of which is made of blue or green glass.

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Wine Serving Temperature

Red wine is poured no more 2/3 glasses, white - no more than 3/4. Optimum temperature for red the wine is room, sometimes they are even slightly warmed up to reveal bouquet (this is true for old varieties). White wine is served at a temperature 6-8 degrees, pink - 8-12 degrees. Sherry, Madeira, and dessert wines taken at room temperature.

Wine-friendly food

Better than others for fish and poultry white varieties are suitable, for red meat - red; rosé wines are served to gourmet snacks.

To lobsters, oysters and spiny lobsters Champagne and white sparkling wine are a good choice. Generally sparkling wines suitable for desserts, ice cream, pate, fruit.

Soups are generally not accepted drink wine, unless you can take a few sips before starting a meal.

Fatty fish like salmon or carp, goes well with red dry varieties, as well as hot meat dishes.

Cheeses can be served as red and white wines, it all depends on the cheese. Dry red wine is suitable for spicy cheese, while fine delicate varieties require white wine.

If you poorly remember which a wine grade is best drunk with a particular dish, you can use two simple the rules. Drink red wine with red meat, white - with white. It is not always so, but in most cases you will not be mistaken. And one more important moment. Simple food goes well with complex wines with a rich aroma and taste. On the contrary, gourmet dishes require simple wines.

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