What wine to buy. Good advice

Question about what wine to buy sometimes bewildering even an experienced wine lover, the assortment of items is so large at present varieties and their producers. Of course, the only true answer to the question “What wine to buy” does not exist, the tastes, requests and financial opportunities. There is no doubt only one thing - wine should be high quality.

General tips on which wine buy

However, there are a number of recommendations, which together will help answer the question which wine buy and choose good wine in terms of quality, and with which we are in a hurry to share.

Buy dry wines

No matter how trite it sounds, but buy dry wines. The production of sweet and semi-sweet varieties is noticeably more difficult and more expensive, so buying a quality sweet wine is extremely difficult. Itself by itself, the price tag for it, by definition, should differ in a big way by compared to dry wine.

The aging period is not the main thing in wine

Do not chase the term excerpts. The rule is that the bigger it is, the better, it is far from always being true. In addition, it is uninformative in itself, since the bottle may not one year in stock before it goes on sale. It’s more important that the label indicated the year of harvest.

European wines are better than wines of the former USSR

In general, European wines (in primarily French, Italian and Spanish) are considered more high-quality than those produced in the countries of the former USSR (in particular, than Ukrainian, Moldavian and Georgian). However, this does not mean that you can buy them. indiscriminately. Check out the article on wine classification. Briefly recall that the more information about the region where the grapes were grown is present on label, the higher the chances of buying good wine.

Never at any do not buy a drink whose label does not indicate which grape varieties / varieties it is made. In fact, such instances come across rarely, but you won’t find anything good in a bottle with such “wine”. It, By the way, it is almost always true for tetra packs.

New World wines are cheaper and more aromatic

Wines from the New World are often at a lower or comparable price to European wines, they have more high quality. However, they are also characterized by a slightly more pronounced taste and aroma that lovers of delicate bouquets may not like. Elect wine, depending on the country of origin, a separate article is dedicated to our site.

Which wine to choose? Wines of the world.

Bottle and Cork - Matter

Beware of artsy bottles. Famous manufacturers prefer glass containers of standard shapes and sizes, with a mandatory depression in the bottom.

Do not forget to pay attention to the cork. She can be plastic, although, as a rule, well-known manufacturers use wooden. Make sure its integrity and tightness. Damaged cork almost certainly means the wine is spoiled.