Crimean wines

Crimean wines rightfully considered one of the oldest wines. Winemaking in Crimea originated in ancient Chersonese and the first Genoese colonies, more than two millennia ago. Outlived decline while in the Ottoman Empire (associated with religious bans), the peninsula again regained numerous vineyards being conquered by the Russian Empire. Since that time in the Crimea winemaking began as a branch and as a science.

Held in the mid-80s years the anti-alcohol campaign caused great harm to the vineyards of the South Coast, were almost completely destroyed many unique varieties to restore which took years.

The most famous Crimean wines

The main raw materials for winemaking Serves grape varieties Rkatsiteli, Aligote, Sauvignon, Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon. To the rest of the rest accounting for a total of not more than 30%.

Crimea is known, first turn, with its fortified and dessert wines. Port, Sherry and Madeira are one of the attractions of the peninsula.

Also organized the production of sparkling ("Sevastopol", "Novosvetsky"), canteens and flavored wines (“Bouquet of Crimea”, “Monastic treat”).

Most popular brands: “Magarach”, “Massandra”, “Inkerman”, “Sudak”.

On the island there are ten major wineries, as well as some small industries. Many Crimean wines are marked by prestigious international award winning.