Serving wine to the table

Savoring alone, narrow family or close friends with wine, you can do without special procedure for its filing. However, if you want to impress guests or highlight the features of the proposed drink, it is better to organize the flow of wine in accordance with all the rules. We will tell how Serve wine as spectacularly and beautifully as possible.

Wine preparation

Not every wine can be served right away on the table. Young varieties a few days before the expected date put in vertical position. Old wine, by contrast, should be constantly under an angle of 30-40 degrees, for which special stands and racks are used.

It matters and temperature mode. For dry white, sparkling and rosé wines, the optimum temperature is at 7-10 degrees, at which they are served on the table. Liqueur and white wines cool to 9-12 degrees, young red - to 13-15. For old red wine temperature is best at 15-17 degrees. The general rule is the richer and richer the taste, the higher should the temperature of the wine to the table.

What kind of food to serve different wine.

Table setting

Wine glasses always have to stand on the right behind the appliances. As a rule, a dinner party does not cost some one sort of wine, so put a glass under each of them on the table. To the right are wine glasses under red wine, to the left - under white, still to the left - under champagne.

Bottle demonstration

Important when making bottles with show guests a label with wine, declare name, year of harvest and place its collection. You need to be prepared for possible questions about the brand, manufacturer.

Bottle opening

Old wine opens directly on a stand so as not to mix any settled sediment with the whole drink.

Best for uncorking use wine corkscrew or sommelier knife. Important when screwing in is not pierce the cork through, because of which pieces of wine can get into the wine and spoil the taste.

After the cork is removed, they carefully examine and sniff it, and wipe the neck of the bottle. It's done in order to determine before the wine is spilled into the glass whether it has deteriorated.

Filling glasses

First filled glasses of women, and only then men. You need to stand on the right side of a seated person. The bottle is kept in such a way that the label was visible to the guest. If the right approach is not possible, then you can fill the glass on weight, standing on the left side.

Wine glass for white wine filled with two-thirds, for red - half.