Wine stand

Anyone collecting at home even a very small collection of wine inevitably comes across one the question is where to store it? Cellar or basement in modern almost no metropolis. You can equip a minibar or, even more convenient - to get a stand for wine.

The use of wine coasters

Despite the huge a variety of shapes and sizes in which, at times, it is difficult to identify wine stand, the idea of ​​creating it is by no means new and goes back to times of Napoleon.

Towards the end of the eighteenth century in France have already formed the rules of table etiquette, which, in in particular, it was stated that the wine bottle should be stored horizontally position and in the same form it must be served on the table.

In fact, similar conditions appeared not by chance. For wine, it is vital that during storage the cork is not dry. A dried cork allows air to pass through, which is harmful to noble drink. That is why wine bottles were stored (and still store) in a horizontal position.

Sure, progress is not worth it in place, and more manufacturers clog plastic bottles corks that are more durable. However, wines, especially from medium and high price category, almost always turn out to be closed wooden cork. Wine is a very conservative drink, which, moreover, is not made one hundred years, so expect mass use of plastic is not worth it.

Wine Stand Design

Long stand time for guilt, in fact, was a purely household thing, without which it was simply impossible dispensed, however, these days everything has changed. No, you can still store wine with their help, but the shapes, sizes, design and materials of which the coasters are made are simply amazing in their variety.

Often, a wine stand is more likely an important part of the interior of a kitchen or lounge, emphasizing the status of the owner or hinting at his knowledge of wine issues. However, the utilitarian function also has not disappeared - if you like wine and drink it often, you can’t do without a wine stand. By the way, it is convenient when special racks or holders for glasses are supplied with it.

An integral element of wine etiquette

Along with decanter, corkscrew and the right wine glasses, a wine stand is considered a must element of wine etiquette. All these things are needed not so much to emphasize your knowledge of wine, how much to create the necessary atmosphere, providing convenience of storage and uncorking of bottles. Also it a peculiar tribute to traditions, a demonstration of the attitude to wine as a noble a drink.

And finally, the stand for wine will really help maintain the taste and aromatic qualities.