Semi-sweet wine

Semi-sweet wine has a considerable army of fans, and this not surprisingly - a gentle, pleasant and light taste, an unusual bouquet, harmonious combination with fruits, desserts and delicate cheeses often make it The perfect companion for your meal.

How to distinguish a good semisweet wine from low quality

Oddly enough, but far from always semi-sweet wine really has a sweet taste, not even despite the high sugar content (30-80 g / l). Cheap varieties often suffer from an unbalanced level of acidity, which completely distorts taste, making semisweet wine a kind of dry analog. Not possessing with sufficient technology, producers often add to the wine corny more sugar than necessary, literally trying to make the drink sweet either semisweet. Although in fact, the winemaker is required, first of all, create a bouquet. At the same time, identify low-quality semi-sweet wine quite easily - in its aroma notes of plum, sweet pepper should be felt, flowers, berries, dried fruits. If all this is not, then this wine is low quality.

Semi-sweet wine fortress is in the range of 9-12% vol. Sugar content is 30-80 grams per liter. As a rule, several grape varieties are used in production, capable of storing sugar and containing a small amount of nitrogenous substances.

Popular varieties of semisweet wines

  • Savannah;
  • HvanĨkara;
  • Kindzmarauli;
  • Cahors;
  • Muscat;
  • Usahelauri;
  • Sorry.