Pink wine

Pink wine It has the status of a romantic, feminine and a little frivolous drink. The reason for this, of course, is the unusual color, which, playing in a filled glass, creates an appropriate mood. It is customary to order pink wine on the first date, if it takes place in a restaurant. With its help, sometimes even conquer women's hearts. At the same time, it is an absolutely self-sufficient drink with its ownproduction technologyas well as unique taste and aromatic characteristics.

Rose wine production

The homeland of rose wine, of course, is France, where there are two ways to create it. By the way, the opinion that it is enough to mix white and red wine to get rose wine has no basis.

For the production of roses (this is how this wine is called in France), red grapes are used. In order to get such an unusual color, the contact time of the squeezed juice with the skin is reduced to one to two days (the skin of the berries contains coloring substances, due to which the wine turns red).

Another way is to separate part of the red-saturated wine, and its subsequent fermentation.

What to drink with rose wine

Rosé wine is only called rosé; in fact, it plays in hundreds, if not thousands of shades, from pale, almost white, to almost pomegranate.

The same can be said of taste. Usually a rose has fresh fruity, berry notes. It is often called the wine of a hot summer evening. However, some instances have such a rich bouquet and taste that it is just right to compare them with old red wines. The rule is usually true that the more tender the color, the lighter the taste and structure.

Serve pink wine chilled to a temperature of ten degrees Celsius. Desserts, fish and meat dishes, fruits, cheeses go well with it.

The combination of rose wine with food.

Varieties of rose wines

  • "Rose of Anjou";
  • Rose de Loire;
  • Cabernet d'Anjou.