What to drink wine with. Basic rules

Selecting wine for the festive table, you should not so much pay attention to your own preferences, but correspondence of taste, strength and bouquet of a noble drink to taste features of the dishes.

Everything should be in harmony.

The combination of wine with food

The taste of wine is by no means should prevail over the taste of the dishes to which it is served. However true the opposite: the taste of food should not clog or contrast with the taste of wine.

White and rosé wines combined with seafood, poultry, sausages, cheeses. Besides of this, dry and sweet white wines perfectly serve as an aperitif.

Red wines with up to 11.5% are in good harmony with fish dishes, red and white meat, game, cheeses. Recently, they are increasingly consumed as an aperitif.

Stronger (over 11.5%) wines are served with spicy cheese, game and red meat.

Nowadays, the opinion that to dark meat and cheese need only be served red wine, and fish and light white meat, is not so relevant. The cooking method is more important. (cooking, frying).

Source: RIA Novosti (https://ria.ru/)

Serve to complex dishes simple wines

Basic rule is possible put it this way: for complex gourmet dishes, simple ones are best suited wine, while for fine-tasting wines it’s better to cook a simple meal.

There are a number of products that go poorly with wine and are better off abstain if you plan to serve this drink to the table. Among them, in especially vinegar, citrus fruits, coffee, vanilla, chocolate, mocha, cinnamon, fatty varieties of fish, smoked. Bad soups and wine, except, perhaps, broths.

At the same time, cheeses are some of the best companions of wine. Light cheeses taste and smell wines, to spicy - strong varieties.