What to serve and drink wine with?

Good wine combined with delicious food and interesting company will help to leave about lunch or dinner the most pleasant memories, as well as the desire to repeat such a meeting again. Question we leave it to the discretion of our peers, but here’s what Regarding the rules for selecting wine and snacks for it, we have something to share and what to tell.

A few words about the prohibitions

But we will start, perhaps, with food, which is highly undesirable to drink with wine, unless you strive to completely muffle its taste.

Dishes in which it is bright vinegar is felt, for example, various salads, categorically do not combine with the wine.

Another taboo is nuts. The taste buds of the tongue completely switch to the taste of the nut, practically no reacting to nothing else, including wine.

By the way, since we are talking about prohibitions, try not to smoke when you have a glass of wine in your hands. Tobacco the smoke does not combine with the wine aroma, and the taste of nicotine will not, as should feel the drink.

The basic rules for selecting food to blame

Despite tens and hundreds varieties, in relation to food, a simple rule applies: for dishes with a complex taste you need serve simple wines, and, conversely, offer exquisite wines to vivid pronounced appetizer taste. In other words, if you are cooking something for dinner sort of, or going to visit, just not knowing what they will treat you there, take a bottle of red and white dry table wine.

There is one more rule in which, however, there are enough exceptions. In its simplest form, it it sounds like this: red wines are combined with red meat, white - with white.

Almost all the wines perfectly in harmony with cheeses.

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Red wine

Red wine combined with a large number of meat spicy dishes, with a variety of cheeses, with fried meat.

It can be safely consumed with pizza, pasta, fruit and berries. Often, red wine is served with sushi, as well as salmon and trout.

White wine

For white wine fit almost all seafood (oysters, lobsters, mussels), fish, caviar, poultry and veal.

In addition, white wine goes well with low-fat sausages, various salads and even first courses (although soups, as a rule, are not wine get drunk).

Pink wine

Seafood, desserts, cold meat snacks are the element of rosé wines.

Semisweet and sweet wines

All of the above in the first the line is fair for dry wine. Sweet and semi-sweet varieties accepted Serve with desserts, fruits, chocolate, liver, ice cream.

Champagne and sparkling wines

Champagne can be served with almost any food, gala dinners are wonderful for them. Of course, champagne and semi-dry sparkling wines often become part of the dessert.