Corkscrew for wine

Value corkscrew for wine hard to overestimate. It's hard to open without him a bottle of wine without damaging the cork and without spoiling the drink with its pieces. Besides Moreover, the seemingly usual procedure for extracting the cork is quite possible turn into a fascinating ceremony, in the center of which there will be just a corkscrew for the fault.

History of a corkscrew for wine

According to researchers, the homeland of a corkscrew for wine is England. It is known that in 1795 a patent for he was betrayed to a certain Samuel Henschel, who is an Englishman.

Actually, a corkscrew for wine in the most classic version is a wooden handle to which attached metal screw rod. Nevertheless, despite all simplicity of the device, there are certain rules for using a corkscrew, which are not always respected, which sometimes leads to undesirable consequences.

How to open a bottle using corkscrew

The rod is screwed into the cork two-thirds, after which the cork is slightly loosened and removed. If to drive the corkscrew deeper, there may not be enough space under the handle for the fingers and, accordingly, it will not be possible to pull out the cork. If, on the contrary, screw the rod deep enough, you can damage the cork by pulling out only part of it.

Varieties of corkscrews

There are more complex ones. types of corkscrews for wine. In particular, lever and rotational. They demand less cork extraction but larger physical dimensions (especially rotational), and are more expensive.

One of the varieties a lever corkscrew is a sommelier’s knife, not by chance so called, since really often use professional sommeliers. It is very comfortable, and with proper skill, allows you to quickly open even an old bottle with a dried up cork, which is often beyond the power of an ordinary corkscrew. Besides, the procedure for opening a bottle with a sommelier’s knife is very entertaining, and will surely captivate guests.

The choice of corkscrew for wine

Choosing a corkscrew for wine is wrong simple as it may seem.

  • First, the pen should be comfortable for grabbing your hand.
  • Secondly, the spiral should to have a sharpened sting. It depends on how gently she goes into traffic jam.
  • Thirdly, the spiral should not be thick, because during rotation it can damage or destroy cork, while the metal of which it is made should be enough solid.

Variety of species

Despite all the simplicity designs, in the world there is just a huge number of corkscrews for the most wine different sizes and shapes. It is known about private collections numbering hundreds and thousands of these devices. And the most expensive corkscrew of 1842 was sold at Christies auction for 31 thousand dollars.