Sweet wine

Believed to do really good Sweet wine, only experienced winemakers who have come a long way of trial and error can do it. Highly it is difficult to create a delicate and rich bouquet without spoiling it with a high content sugar, but only, on the contrary, emphasizing.

The main methods of obtaining sweet wine

Obviously for production Sweet wine must be used as sweet as possible grapes. Modern winemakers four main methods are used.

  1. Late harvesting;
  2. Drying grapes;
  3. Using berries infected with a special “noble mold” Bortritis;
  4. Collection harvest after frost.

Each of these ways requires the use of certain grape varieties, often need a long aging and fermentation, special climatic conditions, which affects the final the cost of the drink. A good sweet wine is almost always more expensive than a similar one. for dry quality. Otherwise, this is a low-quality product.

How to drink sweet wine

Sweet Sugar wine is within 150 grams per liter, strength - at the level of 14-20% alcohol.

Sweet wine is usually served after main courses, to the dessert (creams, jellies, cakes, pastries). Important choose a dessert so that it is not sweeter than the drink itself. Good Blue and hard cheeses are combined with sweet wine. It is often used in as an aperitif.

Popular varieties of sweet wines

  • Muscat;
  • Kukor;
  • Tokay;
  • Pinot gris Ay Danil;
  • Bastardo Massandra;
  • Pedro.