Dry wine

Perhaps dry wine was the first alcoholic drink that people sipped. Whether it is true or not, no one really knows, and it’s not important.

One thing is certain: as soon as people learned to cultivate the land, they managed to cultivate the vine.

Thousands of years ago, no one knew how to intervene in the fermentation process, so for quite a long time the wine was made with a low sugar content. Sometimes the drink came out sweeter than usual, but the reason was either a variety of grapes or its overripe. In any case, with modern semi-sweet and, all the more, sweet varieties, that wine could not be compared. However, people drank it with pleasure and for many of us it is dry wine that remains the most desirable.

Dry wine is the most popular

Sales statistics confirm that dry wine is the most sought after. He owns 4/5 of the world market.

Interestingly, the quality of the dry wine varieties produced in the country judges the state of the wine industry as a whole.

Well established in Ukraine wine of Prince Trubetskoy. Until today, grapes are processed here according to classical technology, without the addition of preservatives or stabilizers.

Health effects

Dry wine has a positive effect on the body, is perfectly combined with a variety of dishes, helps to improve well-being and, importantly, is excreted very quickly.

Frankly, no other alcoholic beverage can compare with a good dry wine in terms of its beneficial effects on human health. This is especially true of red wine, in which the content of useful trace elements is maximum.

A few words about the rules of drinking dry wine

Dry wine is characterized by an extremely low sugar content - at the level of 0.3%.

White varieties have a characteristic acidity, while red varieties demonstrate an elegant astringency.

Red wines are usually served at room temperature, this allows the bouquet to open more fully. White wine, on the contrary, likes relatively low temperatures: 10-12 degrees. It is well suited for quenching thirst.

Among the most popular varieties, which, in fact, are very many, can be especially noted:Aligote;Sauvignon;Pinot Noir;Saperavi;Rkatsiteli.