Ukrainian wines

Ukrainian wines represented in our market best. Thanks good climatic conditions, large territory and historical background, winemaking in Ukraine is a fairly developed industry, although not without some problems.

History of Ukrainian wine

It is known that the first winemakers appeared on the southern coast of Crimea in the fourth century BC. In the eleventh century already AD monks begin to produce wine in monasteries around Chernigov and Kiev.

The heyday of winemaking in Ukraine started in the nineteenth century when the first large vineyards were planted organized distilleries. In the Soviet Union, there were vineyards in the republic planted about 2500 square kilometers of land. Unfortunately, during anti-alcohol company about 50% of their area was destroyed.

Who produces wine in Ukraine

Current release 68 enterprises are engaged in still wines in Ukraine, another 16 are engaged in production sparkling varieties. Most companies have been left over since Soviet Union production base. The bulk of the vineyards located in Kherson, Nikolaev, Odessa regions and in Crimea.

The price of wine in Ukraine

The vast majority of Ukrainian wine belongs to the lower price category (up to 90%), worth up to three dollars per bottle.

Review of wine prices in Ukraine.

The main problems of winemaking Ukraine has a small vineyard area, which is not enough for production of quality wine in the right volumes, without the use of powders, and a large amount of counterfeit. At the same time, it must be noted and constantly the increasing volume of export products, including to Europe, which says about the good potential of winemaking in Ukraine.