Strawberry Wine

As a rule, strawberries are eaten even before someone comes to mind to make her wine. The maximum that usually happens is rolling several cans for the winter with berries in syrup or in the form of jam. By no less strawberry wine is a very tasty drink, quite worthy having to cook it yourself.

Strawberry Wine Ingredients

  • One kilogram of sugar
  • One and a half liters of water;
  • One and a half kilograms of berries.

Strawberry Wine Recipe and Production Technology

Stage one

Unwashed strawberries choke with a mortar, put in glass container and filled with syrup. After which the neck closes gauze, and the mixture remains in a warm place for seven days. It is important that the capacity is not filled to the brim, as the fermenting juice will overflow.

Stage Two

The mixture must be mixed several times every day, otherwise it may mold is formed. On the eighth day, the fruit mass is separated using gauze or tubes from juice, which is then poured into bottles.

Stage Three

Strawberry wineFermentation continues in bottles, only now he is not stormy, but quiet. Excess gas for five to six weeks is brought out using a tube inserted into the cork, the second end of which dipped in a glass of water.

Stage Four

After the sediment falls to the bottom of the bottle, the wine poured into new containers, tightly closed and left in a cool dark place for two months.

After this time wine made from strawberries is considered ready.