Mulberry Wine

Mulberry berries falling so abundantly under the feet in summer as a rule, do not find proper application. Despite the pleasant taste and smell, as well as a whole set of nutrients, mulberry does not use much popularity. Perhaps the whole point is the complexity of the collection process, or that the berries lose their shape too quickly and turn into a shapeless mass. However for cooking mulberry wine second The item is completely non-critical.

Mulberry Wine Ingredients

  • Five liters of water;
  • One and a half kilograms of sugar;
  • Ten grams of citric acid;
  • One and a half to two kilograms of mulberry.

Mulberry wine recipe and cooking technology

Stage one

Despite the fact that mulberries are often picked directly from the ground, you don’t need to wash it. You can only brush off the dust with a damp cloth. Important save the yeast that is present on it.

Stage Two

Put the berries in a ten-liter bottle, fill with water, add sugar and add citric acid. Dress up from the neck rubber glove or install a water shutter. We put the container in a warm place for fermentation.

Stage Three

As soon as the glove drops, the fermentation process can considered complete. Carefully pour the future wine into the pan in such a way so that the sediment remains in the first bottle. After that, we additionally filter fluid through cheesecloth.

Stage Four

We sterilize the drink over low heat until all gas will come out. It is important to control the temperature of the liquid, it should not exceed 70 degrees. Then cool, add sugar if necessary bottled.

Mulberry wine is ready.