Plum wine

Plums collected in large quantities in the second half summers and early autumn are wonderful raw materials for home wine from plums. In this article we will talk about how to cook plum wine, consider a detailed recipe and step-by-step cooking technology.

Ingredients for Plum Wine

  • Ripe plums;
  • Water;
  • Sugar.

Plum wine recipe and production technology

Stage one

Not all plums will suit us, but only dark varieties (which, however, are by no means a rarity). It is recommended to put them on sun for one or two days, for final ripening. You don’t need to wash the fruits, so how on their surface are yeast necessary for successful fermentation.

Stage Two

If you have a good meat grinder with the appropriate attachment, food processor or juicer, plums, previously cleaned from pitted, can be quickly mashed. Otherwise, you have to grind them manually to this state. Then, puree is added water in a ratio of 1: 1. The mixture remains open for a couple of days, until the pulp is separated from the foam, after which future wine is filtered through a net into a container.

Stage Three

Sugar is added to the juice. 200 grams is enough for dry wine per liter, for sweets - 350 grams per liter. The tank is filled at ¾ since fermentation produces a lot of foam. A water shutter is placed on top of the neck. Fermentation lasts 5-7 weeks. As soon as gas ceases to be released, liquid pour into another vessel.

Stage Four

This is followed by a fairly long maturation process, up to three months. If you are confused by the turbidity of the resulting drink, then for final clarification will have to wait 2-3 years. After that, plum wine becomes finally usable.