Currant Wine

Of the berries of red and black currants, many housewives love make jam, which becomes especially useful in winter and early spring, when the deficiency of vitamins is especially noticeable. However a great way to support the immune system is and wine from currantswhose recipe we want to tell.

Ingredients for Currant Wine:

  • Pure water - three parts;
  • Uncleaned currants - two parts (you can use only black currants, then the wine will be dark, red berries lighten the drink);
  • Sugar is one piece.

Currant wine recipe and production technology

Stage one

Since fermentation will occur due to wild yeast located on the surface of the berries, you can not wash them. Currant need crush, add water and pour half of the sugar into it.

Stage Two

The mixture is poured into the container no more than two-thirds volume. The neck is closed with gauze, and the container itself is placed in a warm place. The wort is mixed every day. On the sixth day, you need to try it so that determine if there is enough sugar. If the wort seems unsweetened, added a glass or two of sugar.

Stage Three

On the sixth-seventh day a rubber is put on the neck glove, after which the drink remains to ferment for another three weeks. For this period the pulp is finally separated from the juice, and it is drained.

Stage Four

The capacity moves to a cool place for two months, a precipitate is removed every three to four weeks. As a rule, by mid-November, wine it’s already completely ready, that is, 3-3.5 months are spent on the whole process. Important remember that devoid of natural preserves, natural currant wine cannot be stored for a long time, however, until the summer it will definitely not lose its properties.