Cherry Wine

Berries of a cherry that are in season are very inexpensive and which are likely to grow in your garden or country site, can serve as an excellent raw material for fragrant and tasty cherry wine. In our article, we will consider the most successful and simple recipe for cherry wine at home and tell you about the customized technology for preparing this wonderful drink.

Ingredients for Cherry Wine

  • Three kilograms of ripe cherries
  • Four liters of pure water
  • One and a half kilograms of sugar
  • Two lemons

Best used dark sour cherries, but if there is none, then light varieties are also suitable. Main the problem with cherry wine is in the seeds. They should not be, since they contain tannins in large quantities.

Cooking technology cherry wine

Stage one

Cherry WineBerries are washed thoroughly, of which the bones are extruded, however, in such a way as to avoid significant loss of juice.

Stage Two

Cherries are poured with boiling water, and the resulting wort is left to insist for three to four days.

Stage Three

Using a gauze drink it is filtered, lemon juice and sugar are added to it.

Stage Four

Future wine shimmers in capacity for further fermentation. A rubber glove is put on the neck or a water lock is installed. Wort needs to be mixed once a day.

Fifth stage

Cherry wineAfter fermentation, wine once again filtered through cheesecloth and bottled, which should then stand in a cool dark place for about six months.

You will end up with wine from cherries, with a strength of about 11%, who are not ashamed to treat friends and relatives. In tightly corked bottles, such wine can be stored several times. years old.