Knowing these nuances will make the choice of wine informed and correct.

The theme of wine selection is so vast that it is probably impossible to give universal advice that Definitely suitable for all lovers of this noble drink. Finally, each person has his own taste, experience, capabilities and material well-being. Besides Moreover, the range of wines is infinitely wide, and there are hardly any clear rules, clearly dividing it depending on the year of harvest, the region of production or the degree of compatibility with a particular dish. We allow ourselves only some areas, following which you can buy good wine, which, however, it is not necessarily the best.

Country of production - the main thing is affects the choice of wine

Perhaps this is one of paramount factors to pay attention to. France, Italy and Spain are recognized leaders in the wine industry. In these countries the most significant (at least in Europe) vineyard areas, perennial traditions, mild climate and strict observance of the norms of domestic and European legislation. By and large, if you need to buy wine, and at the same time you understand little about it, choose products of one of these countries.

Wines of the New World, namely from Argentina, South Africa, Australia and Chile may be inferior to those produced in Europe in the sophistication of the bouquet, but often cheaper, while offering even the best quality for the same price.

Unfortunately, wines from countries the former USSR, with rare exceptions, are not of particular interest to a person seeking to acquire a quality drink.

Red, white or pink

It is commonly believed (and this is in most cases are confirmed by practice) that red dry wines are better others are suitable for dishes of beef, pork, stew. White dry and semi-dry varieties, in turn, are in harmony with poultry, fish, seafood. Sweet wines (including ros├ęs) are best reserved for dessert. In other words, if you yourself are preparing dinner or lunch for guests, and you know that It will become the basis for dishes; choosing a wine will not be too difficult for you.

Dry and semi-dry varieties, By the way, go well with cheese.

Being invited, and not having information about what you will be treated there, it is better to take red or white light dry wine. At a minimum, it will not spoil the taste of food. Saturated varieties may be too complex, especially for dishes with a difficult taste and aroma.

Where to buy wine?

Buying is, of course, better at specialized stores, (including online stores), or departments where there is a good choice and competent consultants. If you are not an expert, then the crop year is unlikely to tell you something, but here is the region in which it was made wine matters. For France, it's Bordeaux, Burgundy, Provence, Champagne, for Italy - Piedmont, Tuscany, for Spain - Rioja, Ribera del Duero. About it you can and should ask, choosing wine.