Wine storage at home

Wine, despite all accessibility to the ordinary consumer, requires compliance with certain conditions wine storage. This is not to say that they are too complicated, but if you collect a collection of wines, you can’t do without following some rules.

The main thing is temperature

It has long been known that the most favorable temperature for wine storage is in the range of 10-15 degrees Celsius. In such conditions, wine can be safely stored. for years and decades. In addition, this temperature is considered suitable for serving wine without additional heating or, conversely, cooling. Recall that white wines are served at 9-12 degrees, red wines at 15-17.

In case bottles are stored at high temperature, there is a risk of premature aging of the wine, which manifested in the loss of freshness of taste and subtlety of the bouquet.

Excessively low temperature negatively affects the process of ripening of wine, preventing him from ultimately affects the change in taste (of course, not for the better).

With temperature differences, especially sharp and frequent, increases the likelihood of damage to the cork, which in in most cases leads to the death of wine.

Red varieties, however, quite resistant to changes in storage temperature, but white, sparkling and pink, in contrast, is very sensitive.

Optimal position

Last few centuries wine bottles are stored exclusively in a horizontal position. It is by no means not a tribute to fashion or traditions, but caused solely by the desire not to allow to dry out the cork.

If the wooden cork will contact with air for a long time, it will inevitably deteriorate. However if the bottle is clogged with a plastic stopper, such problems will not arise.

As a rule, expensive varieties closed with a classic cork made of wood.

Extra light

Wine doesn't like too much light he does not need him. The brighter the lighting around, the faster the wine in the bottle will start lose its color, taste and bouquet will change.

It is best to store wine in a dark place, ideally in the cellar. However, twilight is also suitable. The main thing, so that the direct rays of the sun do not fall on the bottle.


Risk of drying out corks, in the room where wine is stored, it is recommended to maintain humidity on level 70-80%. Usually in wine cellars as it is. In any case, using the simplest household hygrometer, this parameter is not difficult to control, but An air humidifier will help to adjust the humidity level in the room.

Peace and silence

Wine is best kept away from noisy households in a place where there is no vibration from cars driving along the street.