Apple wine

Cook at home apple wine is not difficult at all, even if you have no experience in winemaking. Following our instructions, you can do apple winewhich will be tasty and wholesome, and which is quite can be put on the festive table.

Equipment for making apple wine

  • Juicer (last resort, grater)
  • Two containers for fermentation and ripening
  • Small tube

Apple wine recipe and cooking technology

Stage one

If you or yours relatives, there is a private plot or cottage where apple trees grow, that's all you need is to harvest. Otherwise, head to the market.

Recommended cut core with seeds, so that the wine does not turn out to be bitter.

Stage Two

Using a juicer process apples. The resulting juice should settle for two to three days in the open containers (it is best to use a pan or a can). Wild during this time the yeast that was on the skin of apples will turn the pulp into pulp and apple the juice. On the third day, all the pulp accumulated above must be removed.

Stage Three

Add sugar at the rate 200-220 grams per liter of juice for dry wine, or 400 grams per liter for sweet the fault.

Stage Four

Useful for fermentation hermetically sealed containers, you can use a can, but with this with the expectation that a hole was made in its cover to remove excess gas. A tube (cambric) is inserted into the hole, one end of which is lowered into a glass of water for a couple of centimeters, and the second is in a container above the level liquids.

The vessel must not be filled more than 4/5. Fermentation lasts from 30 to 45 days, during which the capacity they don’t open and generally try not to touch.

Fifth stage

Any wine needs to be given mature. To do this, it should be carefully poured into a clean container, hermetically close and leave in a cool dark place for two to four months. Then apple wine can be considered ready to drink.

Despite enough a long process, you will be provided with natural wine for the winter and spring, without preservatives and impurities.